Member XXL – a great effect in 3 weeks?

Having a large penis is a widespread desire in men. The percentage of men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis is very high. For many, a large penis gives a sense of security and is directly related to performance in bed.

Until recently, there was only the possibility of an invasive method in the form of an operation. For some time, penis pumps have also been available on the market to promise an improvement. Both methods have obvious drawbacks, such as complications, permanent damage or the risk of injury. With Member XXL, an entirely natural option is now available, which promises a solution to the problem in a matter of weeks. We once looked closely at the preparation.

What exactly is the XXL member?

Member XXL is a food supplement in the form of a capsule. It is based exclusively on natural and herbal ingredients. These are supposed to have a positive effect on hormonal balance and blood circulation, thus stimulating the growth of the penis. The capacity of cavernous bodies must thereby be increased in a sustainable way.

Manufacturers promise a visible effect of about 2 cm plus penis size in the first three weeks. During a three-month period of Taking Member XXL, the total effect must occur and the penis must increase by up to 8 to 9 cm. variety of users report an increase of 5 cm on average. Can the cure really keep its promises? We wanted to know and we checked.

Is Member XXL real or fake?

From the beginning, we want to address the issue of authenticity. On the Internet, there are a few pages that indicate that The Member XXL is false and that the statements are not authentic. Healthy skepticism is always the order of the day, especially when it comes to buying a preparation on the Internet. That is quite clear and we have to support it. But if you take a closer look at the alleged detractors, they reveal themselves very quickly:

fake imprint Africa

Screenshot from another Member XXL Impressum review page
  1. Advertising material is criticized as fake, but it comes from many different websites offered by Member XXL. Working here with purchased images, called stock photos, is perhaps not the best but quite common and not yet proof of the authenticity of the effect of the preparation.
  2. A look at the legal mentions (if ever available!) of these critical pages portends some things. There are so-called “health publishers” and websites are based in the Philippines or Africa.
  3. As a general rule, an alternative product is offered. It’s weird, isn’t it? Here, one can become critical, because it is usually a product that allows the website to earn more money during intermediation than with The Member XXL. In the end, the customer pays a lot of money and receives a product that he can no longer say how well it works.

Honest and authentic coverage should be self-evident, but unfortunately it is not often. We recommend that you get an idea and be vigilant whenever you notice arguments or mood swings.

We claim to make an objective and neutral report and to be an authentic .info page. Is the XXL member real or fake? In any case, you will receive a product that can have a very good effect on a natural basis. There are alternative methods such as chemical preparations, a penis pump or even the invasive method of surgery. In all cases, it is necessary to determine the extent to which adverse effects, risks of injury or complications, or even permanent damage, are proportional.

member xxl effect

How does Member XXL work?

In short, the Effect of Member XXL is based on two essential effects. On the one hand, testosterone levels play a central role here. This is stimulated by the ingredients and increases. On the other hand, blood supply to the penis is improved.

Both of these effects are related to both increased blood circulation of the penis and increased natural erectile capacity. Cavernous bodies are driven to superior performance. This increases the capacity and size of the penis.

This is how the product’s cycle of action can be explained. It is even clearer that we are looking more closely at the various elements.

Ingredients and composition

The ingredients of member XXL are natural ingredients. These are obtained either from body amino acids or medicinal plants. The member XXL consists of the following active substances:

  • L-arginine
  • Fenugreek extract
  • Extract of the fruits of the saw palm
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Extract from Chinese grape fruit
  • Extract from Korean ginseng root
  • Saffron extract
  • Black pepper extract

The ingredients are in the form of extracts or extracts to increase the effect. We analyze all the ingredients in detail and explain how they do it.

L-arginine It is an amino acid, as it is naturally present in the body. It has been proven to increase testosterone levels. This male growth hormone leads to increased sexual performance and penis function. L-arginine also promotes the creation of cells and tissues, which contributes to the desired growth.

Fenugreek extract Fenugreek is a versatile plant that is used in many natural ways. However, it also naturally increases testosterone levels and therefore supports tissue and muscle growth.

Extract of the fruits of the saw palmetto These special palm fruits have proven to be an increase in libido and prostate disorders. It has been shown to increase sexual performance and erectile capacity.

Tribulus Terrestris This plant is a tropical plant. The medicinal plant is known from the use in the drugs to the impuissence and aphrodisiacs. The effect is aimed at both blood circulation and increased testosterone levels.

Extract from Chinese grape fruit These berry fruits have a stimulating and regenerating effect. In addition, they are anti-convulsive and relaxing, which promotes blood circulation. As a result, the erection may be larger and stronger and the cavernous body can better lead to growth.

Extract from Korean ginseng root Panax Ginseng is the correct name for the Korean root. It acts as a so-called relaxer, thus relaxing on blood vessels in cavernous bodies. Its function and growth are thus positively affected. the predisposition to a full erection size is physically given. Ginseng makes them usable and allows the body to access them.

Saffron extract Saffron generally improves sexual performance. The ability of a large erection is thus favored. The extract is still used in power-based drugs. However, due to its high price and limited availability, the ingredient is treated exclusively in high quality preparations.

Black pepper extract Black pepper has a stimulating effect, because it directly affects our metabolism. The absorption of vitamins and nutrients is accelerated. This stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the growth of the penis.

Taking, dosage and side effects

Member XXL is presented as a capsule and can therefore be taken easily with a little water.

When in use, two capsules should be taken per day. Ideally, the preparation is taken at the same time as the morning and noon meals.

2X / morning and noon day

Since these are purely plant and natural ingredients, the manufacturer indicates that there are no side effects. The medicine can therefore be tried and taken with serenity. Extracts and extracts of active substances can be considered a general good tolerance. The body and metabolism should generally be able to absorb and process the ingredients very well.

It’s plant. None of the expected side effects.

Member XXL’s experience and clinical studies

As has already been mentioned, there are reliable and less serious testimonials to read on the Internet.

Positive opinions confirm in particular the effect of the product as well as other positive side effects. As a result, many users report that they have generally received increased sexual performance. Many also generally feel fitter and stronger. In addition, it is said that an increased sense of security and, consequently, greater self-confidence have been gained.

Less positive opinions often refer to the authenticity of the product. For example, in markets such as Amazon or eBay, there are claims that the authenticity of the capsules sold is questionable. The recommendation here goes clearly to the manufacturer’s page for an original product.

How much does Member XXL cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend buying on Amazon or eBay due to unexplained origin and authenticity. On the manufacturer’s official website, the price depends on the quantity purchased in a package. Prices are:

  • 60 capsules for 59 dollars (98 cents per capsule)
  • 180 capsules for 118 dollars (65 cents per capsule)
  • 360 capsules for 177 dollars (49 cents per capsule)

Where to buy Member XXL?

It is best to purchase the XXL member through the manufacturer’s official website. Only then can you be sure to get the original that promises an appropriate effect.

Try the Member XXL in the original: Continue on Member XXL

Link to the manufacturer’s official page

Our conclusion

We looked in depth at the composition and impact of Member XXL. We have come to the conclusion that we can recommend this unreservedly. This has completely objective and understandable reasons that we would like to explain briefly.

The natural composition of the product has particularly convinced us. Our research has not revealed any likely side effects. If you balance this with other alternatives like an operation, you can tell everyone to try member XXL.

In addition, we consider the effect to be authentic and realistic because of the ingredients used. All ingredients are carefully selected, proven to contribute to the desired effect and are well established and proven active ingredients.

Finally, the value for money convinces us, if we consider the alternatives mentioned next door.

From our point of view, he does not object to trying the medium itself and forging one’s own opinion. Perhaps perhaps not quite the promise of the enlargement of 8 cm of the penis can be achieved, but with for example 5 cm, from our point of view, many men are already a little closer to their dream.

Member xxl improvement

FAQs – Frequent Questions

What is Member XXL?

Member XXL is a natural dietary supplement for penis enlargement. It is said to positively promote both testosterone levels and blood flow, thus helping to improve libido.

How much does Member XXL cost?

Member XXL is available from as little as 29.50 per pack of 60 capsules through this official site. At a daily recommended dose of 2 capsules, this size is enough for one month of use. 60 capsules cost 59 dollars (or 98 cents per capsule), 180 capsules cost 118 dollars (equivalent to 65 cents per capsule), 360 capsules cost 177 dollars (equivalent to 49 cents per capsule).

Does Member XXL really work?

Already when purchasing Member XXL, one should go to the official manufacturer’s site to exclude cheap imitations. Then you will also get a high quality product that will have an effect within a few weeks.

Are there any side effects?

No, since the XXL member consists exclusively of natural ingredients, side effects are almost excluded. However, in case of intolerance or allergy, additives should be examined as for any dietary or dietary supplement.

Is Member XXL safe?

Yes. The product is free of chemicals and entirely naturally based. Medicinal plants and amino acids contain the active components of the preparation.

When does the effect begin?

Most users report visible effects within a few weeks to a few months. The manufacturer reports an average increase of 2 cm in the first three weeks.

Do I need a prescription?

No, Member XXL is available without a prescription. Please be informed that you can only order it via the Internet.

How long should I take Member XXL?

The medication should be given over a recommended period of at least 3 months. A significant effect can be expected in the first three weeks.

Can I buy Member XXL at the pharmacy?

No, Member XXL is an offer that can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website (recommended) or from special online shops or marketplaces.

Try the Member XXL in the original: Continue on Member XXL

Link to the manufacturer’s official page
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